How to change my Re. Rockspace local password?

The WiFi Extender login prompt displays “admin” as the default password when accessed via a web browser. Since everyone knows the default password, there is a security concern if you keep it the same.If you’ve got the wireless function turned on, this is crucial.

For a variety of reasons, there are a lot of people who desire to alter the re rockspace local password change. Additionally, security concerns are the key justification for changing the password. To keep outsiders out of their network. When using the range extender’s web-based configuration page, a password prompt will appear on the login page.

The company’s default admin password for the range extender is admin. It should be changed for security reasons, as advised. Thus, you must read the entire article. This will help you figure out how to modify the administrator password for your Re. Rockspace range extender.

How to change your local password

Carefully follow these instructions:

To begin, you must open any web browser on your device and log in to the range extender’s web-based setup page.

Next, type http://re.Re. Rockspace. Local or the IP address in the address bar and press Enter.

You can input your default username and password on the login screen. Note: Enter the login and password you previously updated, if applicable.

After completing this, click Log In to access the web page created.

After that, click Management under Administration.

Now, type the password you want to use to protect your range extender twice more.

Your Re. The Rockspace range extender has now been successfully updated. Just click to save.

The best and simplest method for changing passwords is this. You were able to modify your Re. Rockspace range.

Before changing your password, you must authenticate into your Re. Rockspace account. To attain this, you essential take these steps.

To manage your Re. Rockspace router, you can use a web browser or a mobile application.

  • Use the app to log into your Re. Rockspace router.
  • Get the Rockspace WIFI/RS WIFI App now. Note that although the AX1800 WiFi 6 Router utilizes the Rockspace WIFI app, the AC2100 Smart WiFi Router uses the RS WiFi app.
  • Make sure the network of your router is accessible to your mobile device.
  • Open the app, then sign in using your account.

Use a web browser to access your Re. Rockspace router.

1. Join your smartphone or computer to the router’s network.

2. Open a web browser and type in the default address,, or http://re.Re. Rockspace. Local in the address bar.

3. To log in, enter your admin password.

After logging into the router, you can set up the necessary settings.

How can I locate the name and password for my local router?

To locate the name and password for your WiFi network:

Check every time that your WiFi network is active.

Right-click the icon (WIFI) on the taskbar and select Open Network and Sharing Center.

Select the title of your WiFi network next to Connections.

The Wireless Properties option.

Choosing the Security tab.

Select Characters to Display.

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