Looking for how to set up your Rockspace Extender Setup? Here is the solution. At Re.rockspace.local, you will get proper instructions to set up your Rockspace Extender.

rockspace extender setup
rockspace extender setup

Rockspace Extender Setup

Setting up Rockspace Extender Setup is very easy. You can use a computer, smartphone or tablet to setup Rockspace Extender. Just visit re.rockspace.local to setup your wifi extender online. It will only take
your 10 minutes to set up the Rockspace Extender.

LED Indication of Rockspace Extender
LED Indicator for Rockspace Extender

Signal LED

1.) When the Signal LED is off, it means No connection is available.
2.) When the Signal LED is Blue, it means the extender is connected and signal is strong.
3.) When the Signal LED is Red, it means the extender is connected but the signal is weak.


1.) When the WPS LED is off, it means the extender is not in use.
2.) When the WPS LED is blinking, it means the extender is looking for a device.
3.) When the WPS LED is solid, it means the connection is successful.


1.) When the PWR LED is off, it means no power is supplied to extender.
2.) When the PWR LED is blinking, it means power is on.
3.) When the PWR LED is solid, it means power is up.

Why Re.rockspace.local?

In order to interact with and configure the Rockspace Extender, a user must visit the default web page located at re.rockspace.local.

The extension can be managed and controlled by the user from their smartphone as well. But if you run into trouble on your smartphone, it will always advise you to try again on a computer.

The re.rockspace.local interface requires the user to log in every time he needs to make use of it. To access the web interface of the rockspace Wi-Fi extender, enter either re.rockspace.local or in the browser address bar.

Instructions for Setting Up a Rockspace WiFi Extender

You can connect the re.rockspace.local Wi-Fi extender to a device and adjust its settings by following the instructions provided at re.rockspace.local. You can extend your Wi-Fi network using a Wi-Fi range extender by pressing a WPS button or by accessing the extender web-based user interface (UI) from your smartphone. In addition, the positioning of your antennas is crucial for strong Wi-Fi coverage and signal strength. After your logged into the web interface successfully, you may check the status of your router and any connected devices, as well as your Wi-Fi name. If you have access to this page, you can modify the Wi-Fi extenders settings and create a new username and password. Here, a reboot of the extender is required to apply any alterations to the parameters. Yet, if you ever reset the extender, it will revert to factory defaults, necessitating a new configuration of all its features.

There is more than one method to setup a Rockspace Extender.


Setup using re.rockspace.lcoal

Re.rockspace.local is an online guide which helps you to setup your Rockspace Extender.

Rockspace Extender Setup

Setup using WPS Button

You can also setup Rockspace Extender by pushing WPS Button.

rockspace setup

Setup using an Ethernet Cable

An ethernet cable provides a direct connection to the router and the signal always remains stable.

re rockspace local

Setup using a computer

As mentioned earlier, you can easily setup Rockspace Extender by visiting re.rockspace.local on a computer.


why the wifi led is red?

If the WIFI LED on your range extender stays red after setup, it just means your range extender is little far from your router and you need to move it closer.

can i daisychain rockspace extender?

Yes, but not recommended. You can daisy chain your Rockspace extender. However the extender needs be in the close proximity of each other and the router.

No, Rockspace Extender is an WiFi extender that connects with your WiFi router wirelessly. However if you want to use it as an access point, you can connect it with an ethernet cable.

Rockspace extender is an universal device which means you can use it with any router. The brand does not matter. You just need to connect it with your wireless router.

The default IP address of the Rockspace Extender is or It always gets changes once the extender is connected to your existing wireless router.

Firstly, you need to find the IP address of the extender and then type that IP address in the Web Browser. It should take you to the settings page where you can change the password for the extended WIFI.

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