Let’s learn how to re rock space local wifi setup has been done?

The range extender is now an essential device for every third home and small company. Here, we’ll explain why you need a WiFi range extender, what “re.rock space.local” means, and how to set up a Rock Space WiFi extender in a jiffy.

Due to their size and construction, multi-story buildings and even large residences might suffer from wifi dead zones or weak signal areas, thus hampering the user experience and the ability to get online and do research.

Simply put, what is Re.Rockspace.local?

You’ll need access to the rockspace range extender’s wifi dashboard console in order to set it up and manage it. The default IP address for the Extender console is, and the default URL is re.rockspace.local.

Because re.rockspace.local is a local web address, you don’t need an internet connection to configure your wifi range extender.

Are there advantages to using a Rockspace Wifi extender?

The United States is the primary market for new brands of range extenders from the rock space industry. You may purchase a smart range extender for a reasonable price thanks to its smart indication and other capabilities.

Your extender network’s settings are completely under your control. That would fundamentally alter the WiFi booster’s intended function. To name just a few of the benefits, we can say –

  • All areas of the home will benefit from the improved range and signal strength.
  • more manageable connectivity and security settings.
  • Bridge and access point modes are also available.

Let us now assist you in integrating your rock space range extender into your preexisting wireless network. It’s important to have a few tools and pieces of information on hand before beginning the process of installing the extender. Any type of rock space range extender can be easily set up using the procedures outlined below. 

Re.rockspace.local Instructions for Installing a WiFi Extender

  • The range extender should be plugged in somewhere within the main wifi router’s immediate vicinity to an electrical socket.
  • Simply connect the power cord to the wall outlet, turn on the power, and the range extender will begin to boot up.
  • Please update the list of WiFi networks on your computer or mobile device (You can turn off & turn on the wifi)
  • Please join the newly-added rockspace_EXT network that should appear in your list of available wireless networks.
  • In the beginning, the network should not have any security measures in place. After connecting, you shouldn’t be prompted to enter a password before being taken to the extender’s administration interface. Use the extender’s factory-issued IP address or web address to visit the dashboard if you’re able to do so.
  • Open up your chosen web browser on your PC. Just put re.rockspace.local into your browser’s address bar.

Follow these instructions:-

  • First, it will have you set a password for your dashboard so that no one else can access your console without your permission.
  • Next, it will check for nearby networks that are compatible with your range extender. I need you to pick the primary name of your current wireless network. In order to extend your wireless network, you’ll need to enter the password for your existing wireless wifi into the extender.
  • If you can’t remember the main wifi password for your router, you can utilize the console by entering the default IP address.
  • The range extender can have its own unique SSID and password. If you’d like, you can adjust the settings whatever you choose.
  • Note down the extender’s admin password, the wifi password, and any other pertinent information you’ll need to access the settings and connect to the internet. Then, after restarting the extender, set it down wherever you need more wifi. We’ve finished setting up the range extender.

Please contact support for immediate assistance in the event of any re rockspace local wifi setup or technical problems. In the event of a failed setup, it is advised that the repeater be restored to its factory settings before any further adjustments are made.

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