How to find the Rockspace IP address once connected to router?

The Rockspace Ip address can be found on your wireless router. You can easily look up your Rockspace Ip address. In order to find the Ip address of your extender you need to login to your wireless router. Read this article to get the step by step instructions to find the Ip address.

Before you begin you need to make sure that your Rockspace extender is connected to your wireless router and it is in the range of your router. In order to check if your extender is connected to your router check the light status of your extender. The light on your extender for the signal should be solid blue and if you don’t see the solid blue light on the extender you may have to reset your Rockspace extender.

Once the reset on your extender is done then connect your extender to the wireless router.

Lets learn how to find the Rockspace Ip address on your existing wireless router.

  1. Login to your wireless router.
  2. Type on your web browser.
  3. Type your username and password.
  4. Navigate to the active devices/connected devices list.
  5. Check all the connected devices.
  6. Look for Rockspace extender.
  7. There must be an Ip address of your extender underneath the name of your extender.

Once you’ve got the Rockspace IP address you can type this Ip address on your web browser and change any setting you want after logging in. Once logged in you can change your extenders Ip address and password.

In order to find the Ip address of your wireless router you can either check the printed label on your router or contact your internet service provider. The same label has the username and password for your router as well.

If you still are not able to find the Ip address for your router or extender please contact us for further help.

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