How to reconnect Rockspace Extender to the Wi-Fi network?

In case your Rockspace extender got disconnected from your main wireless router and you are wondering how to reconnect Rockspace extender then you have to first reset your extender to the factory settings. After resetting it you can connect your extender to the router again.

Sometimes Rockspace extender gets disconnected from the wireless connection due to multiple reasons. Before do anything you need to check if your extender is connected to the router or not. In order to check if it connected or not you should check the light status of your extender. If the wifi led is solid blue then it must be connected to the wireless router if not then you can follow the instructions given below.

How to Reconnect Rockspace Extender

In order to reconnect the extender to the router you need to make sure that your extender is powered on and you are able to see the rockspace_ext in the wifi list. If yes then follow the instructions given below.

  1. Reset your extender to the factory settings.
  2. Wait for the lights to turn solid blue.
  3. Look for the Rockspace_ext in the wifi list.
  4. Open your browser and type re.rockspace.local or
  5. Create a username and password.
  6. Choose your Wifi connection and type its password.
  7. wait for the Wifi led to turn solid blue.

Once you have the solid blue light on the Wifi Led its ready to use. You can now connect your wireless devices to the Rockspace extender and start using it. In case you are still facing issues with it you can get in touch with us and get help from our experts.

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