Will a Rockspace Extender work with my existing router?

If you’re wondering, will a Rockspace extender work with my existing router then the answer in short is Yes, Rockspace extenders are universal extenders that works with almost all the routers available in the market. It is compatible with the almost all the routers that are provided by your ISP.

It will work with whatever router you have available at your home weather it is provided by your ISP or you bought it separately. However there are important things to consider before buying an extender, not only Rockspace extender but extender in general that are:

  1. Firstly the place where you would like to put your extender should not be too far away from your existing wireless router.
  2. Identify your needs before buying an extender for example you may need an extender to reach a certain WiFi dead spot in your home.
  3. Analyze the WiFi needs and find out if you need an extender or an access point.

Some extenders provide two type of functions that are WiFi Extender and Access Point. WiFi Extender connects with your wireless router wirelessly on the other hand Access Point connects with your router using an ethernet cable.

Some extenders provide two WiFi bands such as 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. You can choose an extender that will fulfill your needs in a way that would eliminate any WiFi dead spot in your home or office.

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