How do I change wireless channels on my router?

In case you’re wondering how to change wireless channels on your router, you need to first login to your wireless router. Once logged in you can find the wireless settings and on the same page you will find wireless channel settings. If you need step by step instructions please keep reading the article.

Before you begin changing any settings on your wireless router make sure you have the username and password for your wireless router. If you do not have the wireless router’s password you can either look at the bottom of your router to find it or talk to your ISP for the same. Follow the instructions given below to change wireless channels on your router.

  1. Find the IP address of your router. “Most common IP address for the router’s are and
  2. Type this IP address at the top of your web browser.
  3. Type username and password for the page.
  4. Once logged in, you need to look for wireless settings on your router. It may be labeled as WiFi settings or Wireless Settings.
  5. Check the Wireless channels option and you can change Wireless channel settings from this page.

In order to ensure best performance from your Wireless router you should choose the maximum channels available or choose according to the need of your devices. If you are using a Dual Band router, make sure to change wireless settings for both WiFi bands.

Also if you are using Rockspace range extender make sure you’re following all the recommended practices to ensure best performance of your Rockspace range extender.

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