How to connect Rockspace extender as an access point?

In order to use Rockspace extender as an access point you would need to make sure that an ethernet cable is running between your extender and the existing wireless router at all time. This should be done before doing the setup. If your extender was working as an normal wireless extender then you need to reset it to the factory default settings and follow the setup instructions to connect it as an access point.

What is an Access Point and how does it work?

If you do not know what an access point is and how it works then we will explain you the same on this article. Basically every extender has two modes i.e., Wireless Range Extender and Access Point. Access Point mode is used when the router and extender are going to be too far from the router and you already have or can somehow run an ethernet cable between your router and extender. The access point uses ethernet connection to get internet from your router and spreads it wirelessly in your desired spot.

How do I connect Rockspace Extender as an Access Point?

Its the same setup process like a normal setup of an extender the only difference is you need to have a cable connected between your router and the extender. In case your extender was already working as an range extender then you should reset your extender to the factory settings and set it up again as an access point. Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Connect your extender and the router with an ethernet cable.
  2. Open a Web Browser and type or re.rockspace.local
  3. Create a username and password for the page.
  4. On the next screen choose Access Point.
  5. Type the setting you would like to keep for the extended WiFi.
  6. Wait for 2 minutes and check the light status on your extender, you should now see a blue WiFi LED.

Your extender is now connected as an access point and the benefit of it is you will get better internet connection in the room where the extender is placed. Make sure you do not disconnect the ethernet cable connected between your extender and the router.

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