Will a Rockspace Extender work with my existing router?

If you’re wondering, will a Rockspace extender work with my existing router then the answer in short is Yes, Rockspace extenders are universal extenders that works with almost all the routers available in the market. It is compatible with the almost all the routers that are provided by your ISP. It will work with whatever … Read more

How to reconnect Rockspace Extender to the Wi-Fi network?

In case your Rockspace extender got disconnected from your main wireless router and you are wondering how to reconnect Rockspace extender then you have to first reset your extender to the factory settings. After resetting it you can connect your extender to the router again. Sometimes Rockspace extender gets disconnected from the wireless connection due … Read more

I can’t access www.re.rockspace.local; what do I do?

www.re.rockspace.local is an local website that will only open if you are connected to your rockspace wifi device. If you are already gone through the setup process then you do not have to access this website. In case you need to change your wireless password or some other settings you may have to find the … Read more

How do I log in to my Rockspace Mesh WiFi System?

rockspace mesh wifi system

Rockspace Mesh WiFi System is an modern WiFi solution for home and office environment. It can be used in combination with the traditional router or as a standalone WiFi system. Rockspace Mesh WiFi system is top of the line WiFi quality solution however top quality does not mean expensive. This is an affordable mesh WiFi … Read more

How to find the Rockspace IP address once connected to router?

rockspace ip address

The Rockspace Ip address can be found on your wireless router. You can easily look up your Rockspace Ip address. In order to find the Ip address of your extender you need to login to your wireless router. Read this article to get the step by step instructions to find the Ip address. Before you … Read more

A complete guide for changing the password in the re. rockspace extender router.

re rockspace local password change

Nowadays, there is a major requirement for wireless transmission in many areas. There are many options for boosting the signals. Among them, we provide a wifi connector with re rockspace local password change, which functions like a repeater. It helps boost the signal and manage it from the danger zone areas. The re rockspace wifi can work … Read more

Why Is It Vital To Select The Rockspace Local Extender For Your Fast Work?

re rockspace local reset

Are you in a home or office and need a strong, active internet connection? Then you can make use of the best rockspace adaptor will be the right choice for you. If there is a poor network, you must slow down your work, resulting in a bad performance. The internet is a good thing you … Read more

How Can You Change The Password For Your Wi-Fi Extender?

re rockspace local password

In this new technology world, people need passwords for various reasons. They use the passcode in their mobile phones, digital wallets, email ID, different things, etc. If you have the local wi-fi connector set up with you, you must have a passcode to access the extender through your mobile.  When you have the rock space … Read more

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